Evidence Supporting the Clinical Question and Suggested Interventions

dq 1Week 6: Evidence Supporting the Clinical Question and Suggested Interventions1313 unread replies.3232 replies.Consider your inquiry and formulation of the clinical question thus far. Explicate at least two pieces of evidence (current literature less than 5 years old) that support the idea that the problem you’re naming exists and is significant. For example, here is a 2013 American Heart Association article on predicting and preventing early readmission: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/126/4/501.full Be sure to also note what the evidence says about the etiology or causative factors (what’s going on that influences this problem)? For example, in the article above, early readmission rates are influenced (caused by) situations such as psycho social and economic factors that limit adherence as well as physiologic factors such as elevated filling pressures.Finally, point to the evidence that suggests an intervention that works to address the causes of the problem and to improve what we’re now seeing in clinical practice on this topic. The AHA article named above suggests that interventions such as comprehensive discharge planning, including patient and caregiver education, guidance regarding sodium and fluid restriction, collaboration with visiting nurses, and planned follow-up, may reduce early readmission rates by as much as 25%.In other words, for your problem, grounded in the literature, what is the problem/etiology and what two pieces of current literature provides evidence supporting those? Then what evidence supports the intervention idea to improve this problem situation?dq 2Week 6: Evidence-based Practice Change and Quality Improvement Models1212 unread replies.3232 replies.Identify an evidence-based practice change model and a quality improvement model that you could use for your eventual DNP project. Explain how each model may be applied to create change through your practicum and project efforts. Illustrate your ideas with two examples; one example of applying a change model, and one example of applying a quality improvement model.


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