My Topic is on : Ethical issues on Student RecordsGuideline: (The three standard duties referred to are good moral, respect for persons and the universal law)The question for Focus Paper 2, Section A is the following:”In your assigned case study, which side would Duty Ethics most likely recommend?We spend a great deal of time in studying Duty Ethics and its teachings.  We applied these principles and teaching to our “theoretical topics” such as abortion, capital punishment, and so on.  Now it is time to apply these teaching to our case studies.  Remember: Case Studies are actual situations that have taken place.  I hope you will enjoy this exercise.Whether you are working individually or as a group:Make sure you recall and understand the three standards duty ethicists use in deciding whether a particular action or practice is (a) Morally Right or (b) Morally Wrong or (c) neither right nor wrong in itself.Remember: Before you apply the theory, you must explain the theory–that is the standards (aka, General Moral Principle) which they use in assessing whether an action, practice, or idea is morally, right, or wrong, or neither right nor wrong.  The explanation of these principle must be in a completely different paragraph than the “application paragraphs.”  The application paragraphs are the ones in which specifically state how the standards lead them to choose one side or the other in the case study.This is extremely easy.  Just follow the suggested outline item for item.  Notice that most of the paper is your opinion on which side the theory would choose.  So long as you defend your opinion carefully, you will get points.  The most important thing is that you must not, ever, misrepresent the theory.Last modified: Saturday, April 21, 2018, 3:39 PM

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