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1.       1-1.5page per question1.Th1.1920s was a decade of immense change and, in some cases, great turmoil in the United States. Give three major examples of movements, changes, or other cultural phenomena that connected with religion during the era. How would you argue that your three choices are connected to one another?2.       2.Anti-Catholicism has been a major and recurrent theme in American history. Beginning in the period after 1800 and ranging up to the 1920s, identify and describe three events or phenomena in which Catholics or Catholicism functioned as major foci of hostility. Lastly, explain how you think your three choices are connected and what they ultimately say.3.     3.  Using The Lynchburg Story, the Lombardo book, and the Sanger-Wallace interview, identify and explain the significance of three events or phenomena from the era c. 1915-1940 that help explain why the eugenic sterilization campaign could be so popular among so many Americans. Finally, did it end with World War II? Why or why not?4.       4.The antebellum period of American history (the decades before the Civil War) were among the most tumultuous and complex in the nation’s history. Identify and explain the significance of three major groups, events, or phenomena that occurred during this time that brought religion to the forefront of American life during this period. Lastly, what do your three choices have in common?1.       5. Using the materials we read and viewed in class, what is the relationship between Draper and White and the Eugenic Sterilization movement?

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