essay instructions in attachments (Buddhism)

*Introduction with thesis*Buddha*Dharma*Sangha*ConclusionNow you have to decide what you are going to talk about in each section.  Buddha:  Suffering is about Siddhartha’s reaction to what he saw around him, so that seems to fit this section.  He lived both extremes of life and found the middle path, so this seems to fit this section.  Dharma:  What fits this section?  I would suggest what is taught by the Buddha.  Sangha:  The need for the community.  And what the relationship between Sangha and the laity. Then conclusion.Udana Quote: only write the page # and explain itDammapada: only write the quote # ana explain itQUOTES USED IN THE RIGHT PLACE.ONLY USE YOUR UNDERSTANDING FROM THE NOTES PROVIDED – NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.LIST OF ESSTENTIALS IS WRITTEN IN THE NOTES FRONT PAGE. MAKE SURE TO ADD THEM WHERE THEY FIT IN (BUDDHA – DHARMA – SANGHA)

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