Essay 2

Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr  Essay 400 words history of this person as he relates to African American Military History and remember to cite where you found your information.-need an introduction (with a thesis statement), body, and conclusion. – Research in the library or from the course bibliography. You must cite anduse at least one academic source.You may research on the Internet. However, if you do, you must, in writing, analyze the academic validity of your website using the CRAP test.The CRAAP test will help you learn what an academic source is:• Currency: How old is it? Is it up-to-date? Or is it a primary source document?• Reliability and Relevance: What is the source of the information? Is it relevant to your topic? Who published it? Is it peer-reviewed? Is there a bias?• Authority: Who is the author? What are their credentials? What is their field of expertise?• Purpose or Point-of-View: What is the author’s intention? Who is it written for (which audience)?Is this a primary source or secondary document? Is it a tertiary document (not allowed)?  What is the domain (.edu?)Who publishes the site, or sponsors it?Is it recent (has it been updated)?Are there advertisements or signs that it is a poorly designed website with all kinds of distractions?Is the site supposed to be an academic one? Or is it someone’s pet project?

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