earth science 19

1. To be a mineral, a substance must satisfy five criteria. List these criteria below.


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2. Circle the substances below that are minerals.

gold nugget vitamin pill quartz diamond brick

granite amber calcite ice oil ivory

3. For each substance in question 2 that you did not circle, explain specifically why it is not a mineral.

4. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate mineral property. Each property is used once. Properties: luster, hardness, cleavage, fracture, tenacity, color, streak.

a. Mica has a low _______________ because is flexible and not very resistant to bending.

b. The resistance of a mineral to scratching is known as the mineral’s _______________.

c. The least reliable property when trying to identify a mineral is _______________.

d. _______________ is the way a mineral reflects light and can be either metallic or non-metallic.

e. A mineral that breaks in a random patter is said to exhibit _______________.

f. Though a crystal of amethyst is purple, it appears white in powdered from. Thus we say that amethyst has a white _______________.

g. A mineral exhibits _______________ when it breaks along a finite number of smooth planes determined by zones of weakness in the crystal structure.

5. For each of the minerals below, indicate whether they are ferromagnesian silicates, non-ferrogmagnesian silicates, carbonates, or other.

a. Fluorite CaF2

b. Siderite FeCO3

c. Kyanite Al2SiO5

d. Garnet (Pyrope variety) Mg3Al2(SiO4)3

e. Graphite C

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