Does understanding an organisation’s ethical climate tell us more about the ethics of an organisation than its code of ethics?

Requirement :1. RESEARCH ESSAY (extended argument, not a broad, descriptive discussion of a topic.)2. 2000 WORDS, MIN 12 REFERENCES ( 6 JOURNAL ARTICLES – PEER REVIEW & 6 QUALITY REFERENCES)REFERENCE: Use the in-text/author-date Harvard system for references and conclude the essay with areference list in alphabetical order by family name.RESEARCH – Your research should begin with nclude academic databases EBSCO, Science Direct, ABI, Emerald etc. Google Scholar is a useful part of your search but should not be the only part. Web search engines are not that useful.   Do not reference Wikipedia.STRUCTURE – your essay should contain three main sections:a) Introduction.b) Main Body – that may or may not contain subheadings.c) ConclusionPLEASE USE ARGUEMENT IN THIS ESSAY. AND MORE RESEARCH BEFORE ANSWERING THIS QNS.  REFERENCES TO BE IN HAVARD STYLE.THANK YOU.

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