Do you think information technology has made it easier to do business?

1. Information Technology Advances Effects on Business

Consider the influence of mobile technology and social media on business.

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Answer the following questions:
• Do you think information technology has made it easier to do business?
• Has mobile technology and social media made it easier for businesses to compete or has information technology only raised the bar on what is required to be able to do business in the 21st century?
Support your answers with specific examples.

2. Big Data

Big Data is not new. Large, complex data sets have been around for decades. What is new, are the tools and software used to mine, analyze, visualize, and predict outcomes.

Can you envision how Big Data could be used to solve a problem in your community or help with a large scale issue like pet rescue and adoption?

Select one social issue or problem you are interested in.

Describe how Big Data can be used to help solve it.

3. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the set of strategies, technologies, software, processes, and data used to support the collection, analysis, and dissemination of business information and value.

For example, a call center employee may be prompted to offer a customer a deal or discount based on an automated review of that customer’s account. The call center employee would decide whether or not to offer the deal based on the additional information learned during the conversation with the customer.

Research the process of business intelligence and how it is being used.
Identify three strategic benefits of business intelligence.




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