Discussion Post – Jay-Z

Hello,Attached is the reading, study guide and the questions are listed below. Questions needed to answered in paragraph form (4 sentences) with supporting details from the reading.Complete list of questions:-What is at least one of Giddings’ stated reasons for writing this essay?-What is at least 2 arguments Giddings makes and how does he support (or not support) same?-Of the 4 africanisms (oral, spiritual, communal, & matrifocal) argued to exist in Jay-Z’s work,which one is themostconvincing to you that African Americans have an African cultural heritage; and how does Giddings support the claim?-Have you ever witnessed these africanisms, or cultural values, in action within a Black community; how so?-After considering Jay-Z’s oeuvre, and that of other emcees, do you view Hip-hop as a strength or a challenge in African American communities; how so?-What are you left wondering about; what questions remain unanswered in your mind? (required!)Thanks

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