Discussion about Islam art history

DUE by Sunday, April 21st 11:59pm– Discussion Board Entry 5 – 25 points.  All posts should be at least 200 words.Question:In what ways does Safavid architectural elements/production differ from Ottoman architecture? Identify specific examples from assigned reading or lecture. Which do you prefer and why?No outside source material. Looking for opinion and critical thinking.Only use the textbook or companion lectures for architecture or artworks.To achieve the maximum number of points completely respond to the questions academically (This means a clear and concise argument, excellent grammar, and writing has been proofread),  Posts and responses that do not meet the previously mentioned requirements will receive a reduction in points.Tips for proper netiquette/ communicating online1- Write in complete sentences and proofread!2- Be polite and professional: Remember that tone is hard to read in text. Instead of using emojis (which are perceived as immature in an academic environment), try to be extra polite and nice in your writing. Avoid Sarcasm. No foul language.3- Please remember that the student code of conduct applies online. Therefore, any posts with discriminatory language,or that “borrow” from another student or online source without citingwill be considered inappropriate and will earn zero points.The resource you might be neededhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oean5l__Cchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liiD4BwujMU

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