Crest and Core: Unraveling the Ideology of Germany’s National Socialist Party

For your research paper, you will introduce your topic, include your thesis, and set up yourbackground for your question. You will give a historiographical background, including some ofthe major researchers in the field you are studying and what they are saying about this topic. Thisdoes not have to be an in-depth discussion, just an overview. However, your discussion shouldbe clear enough to add context for the rest of your research. Second, you will analyze your thesisand look at the parts that constitute the answers. This may be the bulk of your paper. You shouldprovide a detailed description of your primary sources and how to approach using them in yourpaper. Evaluate them for trustworthiness and how they elucidate your topic. Finally, give a clearconclusion that clarifies your project. You should be reiterating what you did in your paper andproviding a concise wrap-up of your thesis.Remember in this paper, you are not answering a question, this should be your thesis statement.The whole reason to form a research question is to guide your research. Your paper should havea strong thesis statement that answers your question. The rest of your paper is spent makingsense of this thesis – more or less supporting and proving through evidence that your thesisanswers the question.Your paper will be between 8-10 pages of content. Your word count will not includebibliography, citations, or cover page. Your paper should confirm to the most current edition ofTurabian. Find this style guide in your course to ensure you are making sure your information isproperly formatted and structured. This includes at minimum 1” margins, Times New Roman 12pt. font, and footnotes. Paper will be 8-10 full pages in lengtho Cover page, citations, and references do not count to this length. Will use Turabian formatting. Please see Turabian Writing Style Guide. At minimum paper will include at least 10 citations. However, you will need far morethan this number to fully support your thesis. At least 5 primary and 5 secondary sources, for a total of 10 required sources. You mayneed more than this to fully defend your thesis statement.

Research question: How did the ideological tenets and propaganda strategies of the Nazi Party shape its rise to power and influence over German society, and what were the long-term consequences of this ideology on the nation and the world?

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