Conduct research into the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) and provide a brief explanation of the purpose of the program and accreditation criteria. List three businesses in NSW(Australia) that hold ATAP accreditation.

Customer satisfaction surveys can be used to monitor, measure, and evaluate customer satisfaction. What methods can be used to survey customers? What are the components of an effective survey? How should the data received be used by the organisation?
2) Conduct research into the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) and provide a brief explanation of the purpose of the program and accreditation criteria. List three businesses in NSW(Australia) that hold ATAP accreditation.
3) Identify current service trends and changes affecting service delivery in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. What was your source for this information?
4) Design a template that could be used when developing workplace policies and attach.
5) What is the intent of competition and consumer legislation that applies in NSW(Australia) and how does this influence service delivery?
6) Research job descriptions for customer service managers in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. Determine the professional service standards and attributes expected of service industry personnel at that level.
7) How does the development of customer service policies and procedures contribute to the provisions of quality customer service?
8) What are the roles and responsibilities of managers in the provision of quality customer service?
1) How can organisations in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries ensure they continue to deliver products and services that meet or exceed the need of the customers?
2) Organisations should encourage their customers to complain. Explain what this statement means, how it should be applied, why it should be applied and why a policy of encouraging complaints benefits organisations.
3) Design a customer survey that could be administered to either internal or external customers. Your survey will be designed to determine customer needs, wants and expectations and to determine whether the product/service or bundle you offer meets those specifications.
4) Research the principles of customer service and list the principles below with a description of each principle.
5) Research Codes of practice and any other form of legislation pertaining to customer service and list below.
Project 3
Research the regulatory requirements for the operation of a business in the hospitality, travel or tourism industry. Include information on how a business can demonstrate compliance with the regulatory requirements and who within the business should assume responsibility for compliance. Also include information on the penalties and consequences of non-compliance. Make recommendations about any workplace policies and procedures that should be available to support compliance. Acknowledge your sources of information.
Prepare a report to communication your results and finding.
1) Identify a source of information for compliance with laws and licensing for business operations and explain the function and purpose of the source.
2) What is the object of competition and consumer legislation? What is covered by the legislation?
3) Research hotel licensing requirements in New South Wales (Australia). Provide a brief overview of the obligations of licensees.
4) How could managers in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry ensure they receive updated information on laws and licensing requirements and how could they share their updated knowledge with their colleagues?
5) What is the relationship between legislation and workplace policies and procedures? How do policies and procedures contribute to managing regulatory compliance?
6) Describe the functions and general operating procedures of a regulatory authority of relevance to the tourism, hospitality or travel industries in New South Wales (Australia).
7) Design a template that could be used when developing workplace policies.
8 What are the legal responsibilities and liabilities of managers and directors in terms of health and safety in the workplace?
Activity 1
1)What are some of the sources of legal information that could be used in the workplace?
2) Locate a source of information on licensing laws in NSW(Australia) and evaluate the information for its effectiveness in providing information to works in the hospitality, travel or tourism industries. You will need to provide a copy of the information you have sourced to your assessor.
3) Make a recommendation of the use of the licensing information from your source for workers in these service industries.
4) List the laws and licensing that may be involved in a hospitality, travel or tourism industry.
Activity 2
1 ) Select a typical business operation in the hospitality, travel or tourism industries and determine the scope of compliance requirements for that area in NSW(Australia).
Activity 3
1) Determine the source of the regulatory information relevant to the specific business chosen in Activity 2 Question 1
2) What might business operations include?
Activity 4
1) Research the risks, penalties and consequences of non-compliance with liquor legislation in NSW (Australia). Prepare a brief report on these.
Activity 5
1) What might specialist legal advice involve?
2) Research one type of legal advisor and prepare a summary of the type of assistance they could provide to an organisation with regard to legal compliance
Activity 6
1) What might regulatory policies and procedures include?
2) Briefly outline the steps involved in developing policies.
3) Why should any documentation on policies, procedures and al information be presented in a clear and articulate way?
Activity 7
1) What considerations should be taken into account when assigning responsibilities in policy documents?
2) Describe the essential components of a compliance management system and briefly explain each of them.
Activity 8
1) On commencement at an establishment it is important the new staff are given a formal induction. What sort of information MUST be distributed to the new staff at this time?
2) The responsible service of alcohol aims to provide consumers with safer venues that are committed to practicing harm-minimisation techniques. Currently , mandatory training in relation to the responsible sale, supple and service of alcohol covers, duty of care, standard drink measure, harm minimisation, refusal of service, the effects of alcohol, juveniles, identifying intoxication and conflict resolution. Identify appropriate methods/s for distributing information on a hypothetical change to mandatory training requirements for bar staff in relation to the responsible service of alcohol.
Activity 9
1) What might information updates involve?
2) What should be considered when organising information updates for staff on policies, procedures and legal information?
Activity 10
1) Research a regulatory authority in NSW (Australia) and identify their available options for employers to communicate with them on compliance requirements. List the types of documentation that can be submitted online with that regulatory authority.
Activity 11
1) How could you maintain information regarding business and occupational licences and what sort of information could this be about?
2) How can you determine the compliance requirements that are unique to an organisation and how can these be maintained?
3) Describe what is meant by a compliance breach. What are the consequences of such an outcome?
4) Contractors working for the ATO are expected to meet specific obligations in terms of health and safety in the workplace. What are those obligations?
5) Describe the actions that staff must follow when a serious breach has been identified.
6) Describe the actions that the first line manager must follow when a breach has occurred.
Activity 12
1) List six areas of business operations that need to be continuously monitored and evaluated for compliance. Provide an example of each.
2) List six areas which the officer responsible for compliance can monitor to identify breaches in compliance requirements. Provide an example of each.
3) When would modification be required and how could they be implemented?
4) Under what circumstances might a compliance breach need to be reported to a regulatory authority? What information needs to be delivered?
Activity 13
1) List a range of opportunities you could use to maintain your knowledge of current regulatory requirements.
2) Identify two specific opportunities to maintain knowledge and information of current regulatory requirements in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. Describe the information you could gain these opportunities.
Activity 14
1) Changes to superannuation legislation now enable eligible employees to choose the superannuation fund they wish their super contributions to be paid into. Employers are legally obliged to provide eligible new employees with a standard choice form within 28 days from the day they commence employment and existing employees with a standard choice form if they ask for one. If employees choose to have their super contributions paid into a fund of their choice, employers have two months to arrange to pay contributions into that fund.
Choose two appropriate methods of communication to present this information to workers. Justify your choice of methods. Produce the information to be presented in both formats.
Activity 15
1) What is involved in a policy review and what are the benefits to a business of reviewing policies?


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