Buddhism in China and India

Homework Assignment for Module Five: will be approximately five paragraphs long (approximately 700 words). (SEE ATTACHED LINK & FILES)Remember: A good paragraph is between 5 and ten sentences, has a topic sentence, uses evidence (paraphrased or quoted) from the sources, is interesting, spell-checked, properly punctuated, and clearly addresses the topic. Be sure to include page numbers for references to written sources, and a time indicator for references to video material. Good homework assignments will have at least one and more likely 2 or three specific references to readings or videos from the module in each paragraph. Therefore excellent homework assignments will have about 10 page numbers or timestamps to demonstrate specific knowledge of readings and videos.In your first paragraph, address some of the following questions: Which character or interviewee is your favorite in the PBS movie? What is one of your favorite images or scenes? What is your favorite line? What is your favorite story and why? What do you think of the style of the movie overall? What specific things do you like? What surprised you most in this movie?In your second paragraph, address some of the following questions: How does the director of this film choose to tell this story? What works for you about this director’s choices, and what doesn’t work? (You might want to comment on things like, pacing, color, animation, interviews, narration, visual scenes/background, language, humor, etc.)In your third paragraph, address some of the following questions: How does this documentary illustrate the concepts of the relationship between universal and particularistic religions outlined in the Johnson and Johnson article? Are there any components of the film that challenge the ideas laid out by Johnson and Johnson? Give a couple of specific examples.In your fourth paragraph, address some of the following questions: What are some of the ways that the movie supports or reinforces some of the specific material about Buddhism that is introduced in Johnson and Johnson? Give two or three examples of overlap between the examples of Buddhism in the article and in the film. What are some of the ways that the movie challenges or contradicts some of the material about Buddhism presented in Johnson and Johnson?In your fifth paragraph, address the question of how well this movie works for you as an explanation of historical processes, how well the article addresses historical processes. Do these two presentations make you think any differently about Strayer and Nelson’s textbook? John Green? Why or why not?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCdKg5DzMaQ

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