Assignment1Assume that you are a consultant f

Assignment1Assume that you are a consultant for an international management strategy consulting firm.Your firm has been approached by Mr. Hans Wursching, CEO of TransSprech, A.G., a newlyformed cellular phone service and phone provider based in Stuttgart, Germany. TransSprechhas a satellite GSM network with complete coverage in Europe and the United States, aswell as throughout most countries in the world. The company has established somesemblance of a marketing and management strategy, and you have been asked to reviewthe current strategy and help the company go to the next level by growing its sales.You recently conducted the initial information-gathering meeting with Mr. Wursching, andreceived the following information: TransSprech maintains corporate offices in numerous cities around the world.However, its customer service outlets and retail sales are conducted through thecompany website, as well as through licensed electronic retailers. It does notmaintain its own customer service or retail locations. Its target markets are both companies and individuals wanting cellular phone servicewith worldwide coverage and who are willing to pay a premium to get it. It alreadyhas about three thousand customers worldwide and is hoping to grow to tenthousand by year end. Corporate customers are more valuable customers because they are buying in largervolumes. Establishing a customer base is very important as this company attempts toestablish itself. No sales force has been established. So far, the company has received manycustomers in response to its advertising. It offers individual customers four different cost plans with respect to the cellularservice as well as five different phone options. However, corporate customers cannegotiate variations within the established options. The phones themselves are similar to those used by TransSprech competitors butthe satellite network providing the coverage is far more advanced. The company has retained a Berlin-based advertising and public relations agency todevelop a worldwide advertising campaign. Print and TV advertisements haverecently saturated the European market and will soon be shown in the US market.The company is currently running several promotions to get its product and nameknown; however, its long-term goal is to offer a premium, non-discounted productthat is desired because of its value and quality, not low price. Because the company and its product are in the early stages of development, therehave been technical problems, and the company has had to provide a great deal ofservice to its customers. Mr. Wursching understands that it costs more to acquire new customers than toretain existing ones, so he would like to establish a customer relationshipmanagement plan at some point to improve customer loyalty and retention. He hasa well-trained customer service operator staff in place. Questions: 1. What is the companys strategy with respect to each of the four elements of the marketing mix (product, distribution, price and promotion)? 6 Marks2. Based on the current marketing strategy, should the companys promotion mix focusbe on personal selling or on advertising? 6 Marks3. What further questions might you ask Mr. Wursching to help his company movetoward a more relationship-based business? What recommendations would you liketo offer to Mr. Wursching to make relationship-based selling a focal point ofTransSprechs organizational policy and culture? 18 MarksCriteria Identification of the mainsales Issues/ Problemsraised within in the case Analysis of the salesIssues Comments on effectivesales solutions/strategiesand providingrecommendationWriting anddocumentation inbusiness format and style


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