assignment 1226

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This week you learned how to construct reasoned arguments about moral issues. Your assignment is to read the case study, analyze the situation, and answer questions related to euthanasia.This assignment consists of constructing an argument and answering 2 questions related to the case study,

Directions to complete assignment:
1- Click HERE to download week 5 case study

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Part 1- Construct an argument
A- Identify which position you agree with: the husband or the parents.
B- Construct a sound argument including premises and a conclusion.
D- Your premises could address:
—The role media played to influence public opinion (which affects the decision made by the court)
—The reasoning behind the decisions made by the court

Part 2 – In paragraph format, answer questions related to the case study
A- If Terri Schiavo had a living will, what affect would that have made on the outcome?
B- Is it ethical to remove the feeding tube, put it back in, and then remove it again?

Name and save the document as ‘LastnameFirstName.docx”-So John Smith would be “SmithJohn.docx (or.doc)

Grading Criteria:
Part 1- The Argument
1. Your argument must consist of:
>>Introduction paragraph providing an overview of your position.
>>One paragraph per premise, providing the premise with supporting facts from your research.
>>A conclusion paragraph summarizing your argument
2. You must have at least 2 premises supporting the conclusion.
3. Your argument must be written in paragraph format, with at least 3-5 sentences per paragraph.
4. Your paragraphs must be written with complete sentences, without spelling or grammatical errors.
5. Your argument should not be a reflection of your opinion (only what you can find in the case study and your research).

Part 2- Response to Questions
1. Your responses to the questions must be written in paragraph format with at least 3-5 sentences per paragraph.
2. Your responses must be complete sentences, without spelling or grammatical errors.
3. Your answers must be in your own words.
4. Cite all your references using APA style citations. (You may find it helpful to use this website to help you format your citation: qualified writers are well-acquainted with the intricacies of academic writing. They are proficient in following the formatting, citation, and referencing guidelines specified by different institutions. This ensures that the work produced is not only academically sound but also meets the expectations of professors and professionals. Academic assignments often require critical analysis and evidence-based writing. qualified writers possess the skills to critically evaluate research, synthesize information, and present arguments backed by credible sources. This level of rigor is essential where evidence-based practice is paramount. When students receive well-researched and well-written assignments, they have the opportunity to learn from these examples. high-quality work serves as a valuable reference point for students, helping them understand complex concepts, research methodologies, and effective writing techniques.

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