Arugementative History Essay you pick topic from list

Construct an argumentative thesis essay. You MUST state a thesis or theme that is  supported by three or more major points  â€¢ Required length of at least 1200 words, not more than 1500 words  â€¢ Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double space, 1” margins  â€¢ Include a title page and bibliography along with Turabian style footnotes.  â€¢ Use proper Turabian/Chicago style.  â€¢ Utilize at least THREE scholarly sources in addition to the course texts. Scholarly  sources mainly consist of books and journal articles, but some scholarly websites ending  in .mil .gov or .edu are acceptable. Military or government historical sites are scholarly,  but undergraduate student papers or blogs are not scholarly sources, even though they  may be listed on .gov or .edu sites. Websites ending in .com or .org are typically not  scholarly. Contact the instructor if there is a question about a source.  â€¢ Choose ONE of the topics below:  1. Consider the different tactical (local battles), operational (campaign/theater/national), and  strategic (war-ending success/failure) outcomes of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Are the outcomes at the tactical and operational  levels consistent or different from the strategic outcomes of the two wars? Are the  strategic outcomes of the two wars favorable or unfavorable to the United States? Be sure  to support your thesis and opinion with research and factual points.  2. Korea and Vietnam had turbulent colonial histories and were later at the crossroads of  Cold War conflicts. Which of these two factors (colonial history or the Cold War)  contributed most to the origins of the Korean and Vietnam wars? You can have different  answers for each war but support your thesis and opinion with research and factual  points.  3. Analyze the Korean and Vietnam wars in relation to each other, considering the jus ad  bello and jus in bello tenets of Christian Just War. Understanding that each war contained  just and unjust actions and no war would ever totally fulfill the Christian Just War tenets,  how do these two wars compare? Which war conflicted most with Christian Just War  standards? Use research and factual points to support your thesis, analysis, and final  conclusions.

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