Art history questions

watching a 50min film and write something.Due on Friday night.Here are details:1.  Access, print, and preview the film guide to develop a focus prior to viewing The Evolution of Art.  ClickThe Evolution of Art Film Guide.Actionsa)  When you watch the film take notes directly on the film guide.  You can pause the film as needed to help you with your note-taking.b)  Be sure to identify, describe, and explain information you learned from the experts in the film.  Especially pay attention to the final three questions on the film guide.  Here, your opinion is a starting point.  Then develop a position by supporting your ideas with information you learned from the film.2.  View the film The Evolution of Art. This is accessible through the Pierce College Library Films on Demand.   To access Films on Demand, click the link (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。This will bring you to the Pierce College library homepage.  Then under the heading Key Databases, click the title  Films on Demand.  You may need to enter your login information.  When you are on the Films on Demand page, type The Evolution of Art in the search box.  Be sure that you identify your search as “by titles” and not “by segments”.  You should be set for the complete 53 minute film.If you have difficulty accessing the film through this link, try the following:a)  Make sure you are using electronic devices that are compatible with Pierce College library data bases.b) Ask for help from the library reference staff.  You can see them in person, or contact them electronically through the Pierce College library home page.3.  Again access the film guide.  Type your answers directly on the film guide.  Only assignments that are complete and typed directly on the film guide will be accepted and graded.  Save it as a MS Word document (.doc or .docx format) and submit it as a Canvas upload.  You will earn 44 points for successful completion of this part of the assignment.

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