application personality theory

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Movie: The Blind SIde

**choose 1 character from the film**

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Section 2 of your paper requires you to apply the theories you chose in Section 1 to the character in your chosen film. Do not critique the film. Rather, you should focus on the personality, behaviors, and attitudes of the film’s character. Section 2 of your paper requires you to write an 6-8 page (excluding the title page and reference list) in-depth analysis of your film’s character using the two theories you chose in Section 1. You must use at least six professional references in Section 2 to support your work.


In Section 2, address the following areas:


  1. Introduce and describe the character from your chosen film. Your character description should be no more than one page.
  2. Provide a rationale for choosing your two theories to explain your character’s personality. Why are your chosen theories applicable to the assessment of your movie character?
  3. Fully analyze the character’s personality according to the two theories you selected for Section 1. The analysis in Section 2 should be detailed and comprehensive. Use constructs from your two theories to demonstrate how they can explain your character’s personality and behavior. You will need to demonstrate how these constructs explain your character’s personality using specific examples from the movie.
  4. Analyze how internal and external factors influence the character’s personality within the context of each theory. These factors include biological, societal, and cultural influences.
  5. Analyze the effect that crisis or trauma-causing events have had on the personality of the character.
  6. Provide your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of using each theory to analyze your character’s personality. Were there any limitations in using each theory to assess your film’s character? qualified writers are well-acquainted with the intricacies of academic writing. They are proficient in following the formatting, citation, and referencing guidelines specified by different institutions. This ensures that the work produced is not only academically sound but also meets the expectations of professors and professionals. Academic assignments often require critical analysis and evidence-based writing. qualified writers possess the skills to critically evaluate research, synthesize information, and present arguments backed by credible sources. This level of rigor is essential where evidence-based practice is paramount. When students receive well-researched and well-written assignments, they have the opportunity to learn from these examples. high-quality work serves as a valuable reference point for students, helping them understand complex concepts, research methodologies, and effective writing techniques.

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