Alvin Ailey “Revelations ” Analysis Paper

Alvin Ailey “Revelations” AnalysisThe purpose of this assignment is to view Alvin Ailey’s iconic choreography “Revelations” and identify themes expressed in the work that reflect life events/emotions. Dance comes from life, as we have been exploring in class, and this piece illustrates how themes in pre-history continue to be relevant throughout time.Please watch the entire video that we started viewing in class: is a 3 part suite.  Each of the three sections contains various scenes.  You may use this listing of the musical pieces to guide you in identifying the scenes.MusicPILGRIM OF SORROWI Been ‘Buked – Music arranged by Hall Johnson*Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel – Music arranged by James Miller+Fix Me, Jesus – Music arranged by Hall Johnson*TAKE ME TO THE WATERProcessional/Honor, Honor – Music adapted and arranged by Howard A. RobertsWade in the Water – Music adapted and arranged by Howard A. Roberts”Wade in the Water” sequence by Ella Jenkins  / “A Man Went Down to the River” is an original composition by Ella JenkinsI Wanna Be Ready – Music arranged by James Miller+MOVE, MEMBERS, MOVESinner Man – Music adapted and arranged by Howard A. RobertsThe Day is Past and Gone – Music arranged by Howard A. Roberts and Brother John SellersYou May Run On – Music arranged by Howard A. Roberts and Brother John SellersRocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham – Music adapted and arranged by Howard A. RobertsFor this assignment, please identify the themes expressed in each of the three sections, 1)Pilgrim of Sorrow, 2)Take me to the Water, 3)Move, Members, MoveDescribe how these themes are developed in the scenes that comprise each section.  Include descriptions of costuming, lighting, music, and composition (solo, duet, trio, ensemble, etc) that help create these themes.Use the listing above as a guide to organize your paper.  Create a document in Word, 12pt font, 1″margins, no more than two pages, double spaced.  Separate title page, please.Please view the video and begin your assignment.  You can bring any questions regarding this assignment to our next class.

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