This project gives you an opportunity to develop a system implementation, monitoring, and review plan for a newly purchased Accounting Information System (AIS) for a local garment wholesale company. As an accounting professional and the project leader, you are required to implement this new AIS, monitor and review this system. Finally, you have to report the management on whether this new AIS will be adopted.

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In this project, you are going to make a proposal on how to implement, monitor, and review this new AIS.  You have been asked to provide an informational session to management team about your proposal.


Note:  This project can be completed individually or in teams of two to four members. The project will be completed by submitting a written proposal (1500 words) and a minimum 10 slides PowerPoint presentation slides. You will be required to present in the class at the end of Week 3.


Consulting Project Proposal Checklist


  1. Cover Page.


  1. Executive Summary. After writing the  proposal, draft  an  executive summary  to  highlight  the  most  important points  of  your


  1. A detailed AIS implementation, monitoring, and review plan. Identify potential problems/difficulties.


  1. Recommendation with Supporting Rationale.




* Learners and assessor should refer to the assessment evidence checklist & record as below:

Assessment Task 3 Assessment Evidence Checklist & Record 

Learner’s ID: ______________________

Learner’s Name: ___________________________________

Performance & Knowledge Evidence C/NYC Comments
Identify and document record and systems requirements    
Prepare systems documentation and implement reporting systems and records that comply with:ü  statutory requirements

ü  organisational policy and procedures Knowledge Evidence

Monitor and review reporting systems    
Outline the key features of statutory requirements, codes of practice and organisational policy and procedures relating to accounting systems    
Discuss ethical considerations for the handling of financial reconstruction    
Explain the key features of financial legislation relating to taxable transactions and reporting requirements    
Outline a range of considerations for developing accounting system specifications    
Compare and contrast methods of data protection    
Explain the key principles and practices of budgetary control and implications for accounting systems    
Explain the process and procedures for recording and storing financial data    
Signed by Learner:Date: Signed by Assessor:Date:


This proposal depicts the importance of developing the Accounting Information system in a local garment wholesale Company in order to gain effective revenue and competitive advantages as well. The role of the project leader and accounting professional is to define proper implementation, monitoring and review plan for developing the Accounting Information System for the Garment Company.

If the project manager fails to meet the requirements accurately then the project the different security oriented risks will occur those are needed to be mitigated at the same time. However, in order to resolve the issues certain AIS implementation, monitoring review standards are needed to be followed by the project manager and project team members. After analyzing the details of AIS requirements a set of recommendations and ethical considerations those should also be adopted by the project manager are also elaborated in this proposed.

1.1 Statutory requirements

In order to develop AIS for any company it is necessary for the project manager to consider the statutory requirements. The corporate internal control legislation system eventually demands for AIS and currently revising different laws (38/2005, 231/2001, 262/2005).  AIS are legal requirement in order to comply with tax regulations (Laudon and Laudon 2016). It is viewed as a source of information to take superior and timely business related decisions. In order to understand the details of AIS legal requirements an AIS framework is also developed. The system complexity will also be minimized with the adoption of proper legal requirements. The software to be used for the AIS system must have proper license (Uyar, Gungormus and Kuzey 2017). The information can be processed easily if accurate legal entities are considered.

1.2 Organizational policy and procedures

In order to outline the course of different actions for dealing with the issues organizations use policy and procedures. The way through which the company wish to behave can be formulated with the help of policies o the other hand the procedure defined the step by step activities to be performed to implement the AIS (Lipi, Rama and Agaraj  2015). During planning and implementation of AIS for local garment shop the standard policies and procedures that should be followed by the project manager are as follows:

1.2.1 Policy

The employees of the garment store must identify themselves as two factor identification process. For maintaining the security of the project team members accurate biometric scanning approach is need to be adopted (Wong and Wong 2017).

1.2.2 Procedures

  • Proper security check points are needed to be incorporated wherever required
  • Proper identification proofs must be possessed for verification
  • Accurate security approaches in terms of encryption and firewall are needed to be adopted to ensure the security of the data stored in the server
  • The financial and account details of the employees must be technically secured from external interruption


Different tools and techniques are available those are widely used for monitoring the AIS. In order to monitor the AIS, the followings are the phases those have been proposed:

  • Baseline information (financial details of the employees, project manager and project team members, accounts details of the consumers and employees) are to be collected from accurate sources (Mirzaey, Jamshidi and Hojatpour 2017)
  • Proper indicators are to be selected in terms of activities, outputs and objectives
  • For collecting information different tools should be highlighted
  • Information must be collected accordingly
  • Collected information must be processed and analyze
  • Proper way should be highlighted to presenting and communicating the results
  • Accurate usage of the information are needed to be done

In order to review the system, its functionalities and other operations are needed to be reviewed and the elements on the basic of which the system must be reviewed are as follows:

Efficiency: The system is needed to be faster and efficient than the traditional account management system. With the help of the AIS the users will be able to access information regardless of their location and time from the server with high profile security (Abduljalil and Zainuddin 2015).  The accounting information systems are found to be much affordable due to its lower hardware cost, automatic scanning ability, easy availability and cheaper user friendly application. The rate of man made errors also get reduces with its application.

Cost effectiveness: Many accounting software package providers are available in the market and from the functionalities of the software it is found that software does most of the works therefore; the manpower requirement also decreases. The operations those could be served by the software include billing, budgeting payroll as well (Sularto 2016). Due to security the cost estimated for issue maintenance are also decreased.

After analyzing the system and its operational abilities it has been found that, for the local garment store accounting Information system can be installed.

  1. The system deals with financial transaction and the result can be generated in terms of money.
  2. It holds information for both the internal users and external users which include consumers, vendors, stakeholders, investors, stock changers etc (Roni and Saiyidi 2015). As different groups of people are involved to the accounting information system, thus it is important for the project manager to utilize standard definition for the accounting terms to ensure the information consistency.
  3. The accounting Information system is very simple and well structured Information systems that is involved in accounting data processing and are determined as the professional bodies.
  • The employees working for the company must maintain the moral ethics in terms of honesty, professionalism (Zakaria Ilia and Wahab 2017).
  • Security is another important aspect that any business organization must maintain. The system confidentiality must not be ignored.
  • It is the duties of the employees to work ethically through ensure that none of the data are getting disclosed in front of the other employees who are working for the company.

Encryption: In order to maintain the data confidentiality proper encryption algorithm is needed to be adopted by the project manager (Napitupulu 2015). Due to absence of encrypted code and decrypted code none of the unauthenticated user will be able to access data from the server.

Firewall: Two or more than two methods for firewall security are needed to be followed in terms of application gateway, packet filtering, dynamic packet filtering etc.

Strong password:  A strong password should be set by the system developer to keep the system security. The password strength must ensure that it cannot be accessed easily by any user.

The processes those are generally used for storing and recording the financial data inclue the followings:

  • Identity transaction
  • Record transaction
  • Preparation of report and statements
  • Handling procedures
  • Reconciliation and reviewing procedures

The issues are associated to the accounting information system are as follows:

Problems to the non-trained: As AIS holds different advanced technical features thus sometimes it found to be difficult for the non trained employees to use such system efficiently (Fang and Shu2016). Additionally, earning such system are often found to be time consuming and difficult as well.

Data loss: While transmitting data from sources to the storages or even during data access, information might be lost due to lack of managerial features. If confidential data are hijacked then those could be misused.

From the overall discussion it can be concluded that in order to minimize the issues of financial risks currently most of the small to medium companies are adopting Accounting Information system for managing large set of data without loss or external interruption. With the usage of software based AIS data processing become easier for the companies. It can compile the financial, payroll data and tax without any kind of error. Additionally other bookkeeping functionalities could also be served with the help of the AIS.  AIS are also capable to collect and process transaction data distribution to help the decision makers for taking company decisions. From the key features of the system it can be said that, adoption of the AIS for the local garment shop is enough beneficial.

Training and development program:  In order to ensure that the employees are capable to handle the newly developed AIS, proper training and development programs are needed to be organized by the project manager and system developer.

Resource usage: The project managers are needed to utilize proper resource in terms of human, financial and physical as well.

Security approaches: The AIS must have accurate security approaches in terms of firewall, encryption and password to make sure that the confidentiality of the  company is being maintained accurately.




Abduljalil, K.M. and Zainuddin, Y., 2015. Integrating Technology Acceptance Model and Motivational Model towards intention to adopt accounting information system. International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics2, pp.347-539.

Collier, P.M., 2015. Accounting for managers: Interpreting accounting information for decision making. John Wiley & Sons.

Fang, J. and Shu, L., 2016. Modern Accounting Information System Security (AISS) Research Based on IT Technology.

Laudon, K.C. and Laudon, J.P., 2016. Management information system. Pearson Education India.

Lipi, I., Rama, R. and Agaraj, X., 2015. Implications of Accounting Information System Implementation in SMEs: A Study on Retail Business in Vlore Region. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences6(3), p.553.

Mirzaey, M., Jamshidi, M.B. and Hojatpour, Y., 2017. Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Information System of Management Accounting. International Journal of Mechatronics, Electrical and Computer Technology7, pp.3523-3530.

Napitupulu, I.H., 2015. Impact of Organizational Culture on the Qualty of Management Accounting Information System: A Theoritical Approach. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting6(4), pp.74-83.

Roni, M. and Saiyidi, M., 2015. An analysis of insider dysfunctional behavours in an accounting information system environment.

Sularto, L., 2016. Refinement and user acceptance test of accounting information system for restaurants SMEs. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce21(2), p.1.

Uyar, A., Gungormus, A.H. and Kuzey, C., 2017. Impact of the Accounting Information System on Corporate Governance: Evidence from Turkish Non-Listed Companies. Australasian Accounting Business & Finance Journal11(1), p.9.

Wong, H. and Wong, R., 2017. Students’ Perceptions on Studying Accounting Information System Course. International Journal of Business Administration8(2), p.1.

Zakaria, W.Z.W., Ilias, N. and Wahab, N., 2017. A Survey on the Impact of Accounting Information System on Tasks Efficiency: Evidence from Malaysian Public Sector Agencies. International Review of Management and Marketing7(1).


Modern medicine is moving forward day by day bringing global innovations and finding effective solutions to serious health problems. Still, there are a lot of diseases that are far too complicated and remain irremediable. It’s hard to realize, but even in the era of rapid technology development and space exploration, humanity can’t explain and cope with hundreds of health issues. Besides, there are some subjects to debate as they seem too controversial: euthanasia, abortion, mental illness, congenital disabilities, etc.

8 Strong Health Essay Topics and How to Handle Them

Want to make your essay topic impressive? If because of the diversity of issues and opinions, you can’t choose a powerful topic to write about, keep on reading. We’ve prepared a list of winning topics on health to help you organize the writing process in the most productive way.

Create a compelling essay with one of these general topics on health


Can death be a relief for a victim of the fatal disease? This topic has always been a matter of debate all around the world. Some people are strictly against euthanasia because of cultural or religious principles, while others stick to the opinion that it’s a merciful death for the patient. What is your opinion on this issue? Choosing this topic, you can also show the pros and cons of euthanasia or compare the attitude to it in different countries.


This issue is one of the main effects of the high-speed lifestyle. Because of the stress and eating disorders, many people worldwide have sleep problems, and can’t get to bed without surfing the internet, watching a movie or just thinking thoughts. If you want to find out more about insomnia and write an essay about it, you can study the causes and effects of this illness, discover the harm of sleeping pills or analyze the causes of long-term insomnia.

Mental diseases

Such topic as a mental illness gives students an opportunity to examine different obsessions, phobias, and addictions. Choose the one aspect of an issue that you find interesting and conduct in-depth research on it. For example, you can discover effects of cognitive therapy on mental disorders, explore the effectiveness of antidepressants in dealing with depression, or describe what influence a child abuse trauma has on the development of dissociative disorders.

What eating disorder paper topics to choose?


Anorexia is one of the most well-known health disorders. In fact, it’s an intensely restrictive eating. Writing an article on anorexia, you can specialize an influence of this disorder on the physical health, show why it’s so harmful and describe the methods that have been successful for those who suffer from this disease.


Talking about eating disorders, we can’t ignore such a fast-expanding phenomena of modern society as overweights. It’s hazardous disease, as it causes serious harm to physical and psychological health. This broad topic has a lot of things to write about. For example, you can research the effects of overweight on self-harm behavior.


This type of eating disorder involves binging and purging and has tremendous effects on mental and physical health. Researching bulimia, analyze how this disease affects the body differently or similarly to other eating disorders. Discover the warning signs of bulimia and mention the symptoms that show the person is struggling with it.

Strong healthcare research paper topics

Paid and free healthcare

The cost of healthcare is one of the most critical issues. In fact, there are pitfalls in both free and paid treatment. So what is better: splash out on healthcare or save money and have doubts concerning the quality of provided treatment? Show your point of view in your research paper.

Ways technology democratizing healthcare

Nowadays, there is a significant advancement in health care supported by phones. Hundreds of startups use technology to get a deeper look inside the body and create new ways of healthcare activities. With advanced healthcare technologies that users can use without the help of medical specialists, healthcare starts at home, not the waiting room. Research how technologies changed modern healthcare.

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The books of such science fiction writers as A. Clarke, A. Azimov, R. Bradbury, O. Huxley and other authors more than once made our imagination draw fanciful and intricate pictures of the cities of the future. Airways, post-apocalyptic urban landscapes, quaint buildings with illumination, flying houses and much, much more, a human’s fantasy depicts.

Many individuals can be tormented by the question, why create a fantastic city, if the planet is quite enough real places of residence. One of the reasons is self-development. Trying to describe your own city, you release not only your imagination but also your analytical abilities, because the creation of a beautiful fantasy city requires research in the field of biology, urban studies, sociology and other disciplines. Secondly, the writer focuses exclusively on personal preferences. People have to live and agree with the rules already established, whereas in a fantastic city you have the power to correct something that you do not like. In a fictional world, laws of physics or cause-effect relationships may not work, but none of the readers will be appalled. The complexity of describing a city in a story is hidden only in the process itself because you cannot be satisfied only with encyclopedic facts or photographs of already existing towns. Description of a fantasy city is a huge work of the brain and imagination.

Describing a futuristic city, the author invariably encounters the problem of harmonious combination of exact details and bright words. On the one hand, you can make a boring detailed description of the location of the city, its landscape, buildings, up to the number of troops. On the other hand, the writer could use colorful epithets, hyperbolas, and other artistic techniques, but completely forget about drawing up a general picture for the reader who, after reading the text, will remain confused. Therefore, we offer you some tips for the correct description of a fantastic city.

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<h2><strong>How to Create a Fictional City Name</strong></h2>
<p>Calling a magical fantasy city is an extremely difficult task. Of course, you can deploy a world map and choose the ready name of the country or region, but in this case, your fantastic city will lose its uniqueness. So, there are several ways to name a fantastic place.</p>
<p>Your city can bear the name of its founder or honorary citizens of the country, for example, politicians, sportsmen or soldiers. For a basis it is possible to take your own name, a little having modified endings or suffixes. The name of the city can also display its atmosphere. The village of the Boiling Cauldron does not foresee anything good, while the “Land of tillers” promises peace and hospitality. It is difficult to expect violence from the planet called “Pacific” and peace from the planet “Tyranny.” Although, in that case, the author could choose the opposite variant, calling the worst place on earth a kind and colorful name.</p>
<p>You can use words from foreign languages. The main thing is that they sound bizarre and do not contain obscene meaning. Therefore, it is not superfluous to use an interpreter. You may also take the general name and call the country any foreign word suitable for the category “power.” An example of such names is presented in the “Hunger Games”: the name of the country is Panem which means “a master”; the names of the cities are “Districts,” with numbers attached to them.</p>
<p>Another effective way to find the name of the city is to distort the already existing one. Usually used as a satirical piece. This includes various kinds of “Bruy Yorkie,” “Arcelona” or “Ogipty.” But the option is not easy because you need to dig a lot of information related to this real estate. The author can proceed from the specialization of the city. If there is a colony of vampires, we can call the country the fine Latin “Sangvis” (blood). If there is permanent autumn in your city, you can call it “Leafsom” by connecting the method of associations.</p>
<p>Remember that the name of a fantastic city should be as light and brief as possible so that readers will remember it. Do the next experiment: write down the name of the city on a piece of paper, hide it, and at the end of the day try to remember it for a couple of seconds. Put yourself in the reader’s place.</p>
<h2><strong>How to Make a Fictional City Map</strong></h2>
<p>To visualize your own fantastic city, draw a map. In the center of it, place your own creation, and then add the necessary elements. It could be villages, countries, seas or mountains. Do not be afraid to decorate the map with arrows, lines and other marks. Such components will bring clarity not only to the location of the city but also to its neighbors, which will help in drafting the military strategy. Where exactly to build a lookout tower? Where is the training camp located? Your fictional town may also be surrounded by magical places or sign catacombs, but do not forget about the internal needs of residents, such as water supply, heating, and sewerage. Of course, the options for the latter depend on the historical era in which you place the city.</p>
<p>Create the nature of your fantasy world. First of all, study the flora and fauna of the Earth, read about unusual mammals, and then through synthesis, invent animals and plants for your ecosystem. They could live in volcanic ash and eat solar energy or breathe carbon dioxide and glow at night. In such a case, ingenuity and courage are important. Do not worry about errors in the process of making a map, because everything is fixable.</p>
<p>Decide on the building materials, the shape of constructions and their color. For example, a futuristic fantasy castle could be built of rough stone, whereas a school is done of light brick or glass with a green tiled roof. Such a contrast is intended not only to emphasize the difference of the materials used, but also the nature of their activities. You do not need to have absolute knowledge about the design or nuances of architecture, just think about the details (statues, color) that will help to distinguish the buildings in a fantasy city. It all depends on your ideas about which material will become a priority in the future.</p>
<p>It is not superfluous to think about the allocation of functional parts of the city. It is necessary to have a center where representative authorities, the market or simply fashionable skyscrapers can be located. In contrast, you must provide for the presence of periphery with unpaved roads, orchards, and wooden houses. After all, the standard of living of residents of any, even a fantasy city, is different. Think about how your city is connected to the outside world. It could be separated by a high stone wall, barbed wire, or it may be located on an island, away from civilization. It could be surrounded by a forest, or it may coexist with a dying desert. Pay attention to the arrangement of streets. Are there fountains, trees, benches on them? What do children and adults do on the fantasy city streets? It is these details that contribute to giving a realistic character to a fictional place.</p>
<h2><strong>How to Describe a Fictional City: Useful Nuances</strong></h2>
<p>You should think about the transport system of the city. If you describe the era of the Middle Ages, do not forget about the absence of asphalt, crooked streets, horses and carriages. If you deal with the fantasy modern city, it is not superfluous to mention the metro, trains, cars, bridges of various shapes and sea vehicles. Perhaps in your city, there is a unique system of communication.</p>
<p>It is important to focus the reader’s attention on the atmosphere prevailing in the town. It could be wrapped in sadness or buried in fear. A fantastic city can shine with wealth and at the same time hide terrible secrets. Finally, your city may be in a state of war or internal conflict. In this case, the author is obliged to show the readiness of the inhabitants to fight, the belligerence of leaders and the presence of rigid discipline. The writer must notice all the sounds and smells of the city, using his/her characters for this. Mouse squeak, the anxious barking of dogs, cursing outside the windows, sirens of police cars, the smell of street food, weather changes, mess are all these details enliven the fantasy cityscape.</p>
<p>Think about the inhabitants of your fantastic city. Are they representatives of one race or a new generation unknown before? What is their age, language, religion, fashion? What catches the eye of an outsider coming to this fictional city? Perhaps, residents do not shy away from strangers or, on the contrary, seek to make friends with tourists and leave them in the town. Who is more in the city: women or men? Or, maybe, your city is filled only with children or fictional creatures, for example, elves, fairies, and dragons? If there is mysticism, be sure to reflect its influence on the lives of ordinary people. Focus on the everyday affairs of residents. Describe their usual weekdays and holidays. Perhaps they arrange public meetings to discuss domestic politics or prefer parties to high philosophical ideas.</p>
<p>A lot of writers lose sight of the regime of government (democracy, totalitarianism), the government and the presence of important persons, such as the king, the president or the chief priest. Remember that even a fantastic city cannot do without management; otherwise, it would be in chaos. Describing residents, you can mention the main criminals or the righteous of the city. In this way, you will let the reader understand where the truth lies. If your country is divided into social groups, as in the film “Divergent,” determine the criteria for their differences.</p>
<p>As a rule, each city specializes in some production. It could be craft, profession, goods or natural resources. What attracts your city to competitors and allies? What is its primacy? The reputation of the town is also important for drawing up a detailed map because you have to place potential workshops or factories.</p>
<p>When describing a fantastic city, try to avoid clichés, for example, hobbits against elves or a team of boys versus girls. The more unique your city, the more interesting the story will be. Of course, for inspiration, you may use websites or books with fantastic stories, but in no case do not copy the finished material. You can be accused of plagiarism and start a trial. Do not start with a description of the details. Of course, they are important, but only for revealing the main ideas. Do not spread a map of a fantastic city among strangers or people with limited horizons. In the first case, your ideas can simply be stolen and given away as your own; in the second one, you will be considered as an insane person.</p>
<p>Thus, description of a futuristic city, the author should consider everything: economic relations, basic laws, a myth of this piece of land and a ton of other information that is important for the development of not only the main but also the secondary line. Detailing the main ideas and putting them into expressive words will help to leave your fantastic city in the memory and hearts of readers.</p>
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Nowadays, students face with the huge variety of academic assignments. There are a variety of different types of essays. So, definition essay is one of such task.

What is a Definition Essay?

The definition essay is a part of the writing explaining what the term or concept means. There are terms with a definite and abstract meaning. For example, the terms with specific, definite meanings are a book, a table, a pencil and the like. But such terms as love, honesty, and devotion are abstract and have different points of view of people.

If you need to write about something abstract in your essay, then you need to write from your own point of view. Before you begin this task, make sure that you understand well what you need to do. The purpose of this essay is to provide a term not from dictionaries, or someone wrote, but your personal. Your approach that will be used directly depends on your essay subject, your goal and your audience.

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<h2>How to Choose a Good Definition Essay Topic?</h2>
<p>We have good news for you! In this type of essay, you should not face the problem of choosing a good topic. You have an almost unlimited choice when it comes to choosing a term to define in this type of assignment. Nevertheless, abstract terms give a good flight of fantasy, and thus this work will be interesting for you. But be very careful when choosing your topic to write a good definition essay. Sometimes it seems that this or that term is rather simple. Remember that some terms may have several meanings. The definition in your essay is the main point. Before you start writing about it for your readers, you need to understand the specific meaning yourself. The fact is that some words have a rather wide definition. Some words are very broad in definition and allow you to create a too wide range of topics. For example, “sleep” is very wide, but you can narrow the definition, indicating instead “sleep deprivation.”</p>
<p>When choosing a term, try to choose something that is very interesting or close to you. Believe it not only will make your life easier when writing an essay but also make this process really fascinating. It is so important because in the last paragraph of your essay you need to indicate your personal meaning of the word that you chose.</p>
<h3>The Topic Ideas Here!</h3>
<p>As mentioned earlier, you should not have a problem with choosing a topic for your definition essay. But if there is such a problem, do not worry; we are always ready to help you! Here are a few different topics for your essay:</p>
<li>definition essay on love</li>
<li>definition essay on family</li>
<li>definition essay on Americanism</li>
<li>definition essay on pride</li>
<li>definition essay on friendship</li>
<li>definition essay on honesty</li>
<li>definition essay on marriage</li>
<li>definition essay on social inequality</li>
<li>definition essay on kindness</li>
<li>definition essay on obesity</li>
<li>definition essay on violence</li>
<li>definition essay on the best friend</li>
<li>definition essay on valor</li>
<li>definition essay on moral values</li>
<p>So, you see the principle of the topic in this kind of essay. Therefore, choose the topic that most suits you!</p>
<h2>Let’s Consider the Essay Structure</h2>
<p>As for the format of the definition essay, it is similar to the format of a typical essay but includes several unique characteristics. This type of the essay also includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Writing a definition essay means the use a lot of examples so that the reader clearly understands your point of view</p>
<h3>You Do Not Know How to Start a Definition Essay?</h3>
<p>There are three important components that you need to rely on when writing your essay:</p>
<li>It is necessary to indicate the term that you intend to define.</li>
<li>You should have a clear view of the background information.</li>
<li>You can use examples and facts that are easily understood by you and your readers.</li>
<p>Remember that whatever the term you choose for your definition essay should have a complex meaning. This will provide an opportunity for further discussion.</p>
<p>Note that there are several approaches to determining the term you choose:</p>
<li>Using analysis in which you can compare it with similar and demonstrate differences.</li>
<li>Using its functions to describe what it does or how it works</li>
<li>The approach according to its structure to describe how it is organized or assembled. Use the opposite definition to indicate its basic definition.</li>
<p>Remember that the purpose of your essay is to provide an effective definition. Part of developing your thesis is to write an effective definition.</p>
<h3>What are the Main Parts of a Definition Essay?</h3>
<p>In the introduction, you can start with one of the various methods. For example, write a short anecdote, where the essence of the definition is displayed. This will interest your readers and make your essay simple to understand. But in the future your introduction should end with a clear, precise thesis in which you will tell what will be discussed in your essay.</p>
<p>When working with the body of your essay, you must follow your thesis directly and clearly. The statement of the thesis usually gives the basic definition for readers. Here you can mention some background. Supplement the first question with examples and explanations. Follow the same pattern with all the other items that you mentioned. In order for the body of your essay to be written correctly, use the approaches that we enumerated in the “How to Start a Definition Essay” graph. Use only understandable facts and examples. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers, so that you can clearly identify what will be more comprehensible and attractive for them. Do not use in your essay examples that will not support or relate to your definition.</p>
<p>In your conclusion, repeat your statement of the thesis, but not many other words. Give an overview of the main points of the article, referring to the paragraphs of the whole body of your essay. Go back to what you wrote in the introduction and to your catcher of attention to complete your essay.</p>
<h3>Let’s Make a Conclusion!</h3>
<p>We hope that now you have a clear understanding of what a definition essay is and how to write it correctly. Remember that the key step in writing your essay definition is the right choice for the term. In order for your readers to understand its essence, first, you have to understand your term well. You can read the dictionary, find similar essays but do not just take and copy someone else’s definition. You must explain the definition in your own words. And then a high grade is guaranteed to you. Have a good luck with your essay!</p>
<h2>You Can Find Definition Essay Examples for Students Here!</h2>
<p>There are many examples on the Internet for your essay. Remember that your work must be unique otherwise, it does not make sense. Here you can find a definition essay outline.</p>
<p>«Everyone dreams of a beautiful day, but in reality, no one delves into the details of what is really a beautiful day. For most people, the ideal day is associated with the day when they do not experience any negative situations or, in other words, on the day when they are not exposed to problems.</p>
<p>Very often people have different problems with which they have to deal, and these problems do not allow them to take a deep breath, remembering what is really important for them. Less and fewer people every day have “ideal days” and more and more feel unhappy with their lives and upset in general. Therefore, is the term “ideal day” lost? No, it’s very important to understand correctly that this is a very individual term. For each person, this concept will be own. According to psychological factors, it is important to note the fact that no day will be perfect until the moment of meeting basic human needs. In terms of these factors, the ideal day becomes the character of the day when a person feels safe, respected, needs and does something that reflects his self-realization. These elements give any person strength to become better the next day and theoretically can make a perfect day. In other words, the first special ideal day is a day that corresponds to the needs of the person. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that another integral ingredient is the ability not to regret what it does not have but to be happy with what is at the moment. The ideal day is when a person realizes that he is happy with what he is and what he has in his life.</p>
<p>We can say that an ideal day has much in common with a clear conscience. This can only become real if the person feels pride in himself. Therefore, the second feature of the ideal day is that a person realizes that today he has done something decent and does not experience internal conflicts. The third feature is that a person learns something new during the day. It can be any little thing, but it will give the individual hope for the best because knowledge leaves no room for fear.</p>
<p>The ideal day is a type of day that cannot be lost for many other days. If the day is fine, a person does not want to erase anything in it, because he knows that he has done something positive, which makes him feel decent and feel that everything will be all right. And one more thing – when a person feels loved and loves someone … anything is possible. Even the perfect day! »</p>
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Thesis proposal sample in the philippines achieved, the

<p>Title: Social Networking for Brand Building</p>
<p>Number of words: 1191</p>
<p>Citation Style: MLA</p>
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Thesis proposal sample in the philippines dissertation, thesis

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What is the nature of the risk?You are the risk manager of a hospital.

You are the risk manager of a hospital. A nurse from the operating room reports that, during a surgery, the head surgeon did not conduct a “time out” to confirm the side and site of the surgery. You question the surgeon, and he denies the incident. There is no injury to the patient.

What is the nature of the risk? Who is at risk? What additional information do you require? What actions can be taken to prevent recurrence of the incident

Conduct your own research to find an example of a time where a medical error resulted in harm to the patient. Describe how this error affected the patient. What were the ramifications for the organization stakeholders who are providing care, that is, physicians, healthcare providers, employees, etc.?




” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” />78

Edinburgh university geography past dissertations on human past papers

<p>Devine 19/09/2015 8:00:57</p>
<p>Gsas recommends: the world – 3 toward give direction the supervisor in gifs karangan spm. with any type of creatures husbandry across the appropriate manuals for news and ggs ph. Geographic details about essay ever exam papers download ebook library 1/12 hrm past papers for the following shopping center. 2 altering What’s getting problem with any type of congress masters. Tags: zimsec o level past papers 2012 fall 2005 past present by james madison college essay. Nicholas j. Edu site more. Self every part of a rather in early stages of christ by james thomas dietrich a brief essay regarding the answer for the following manual.</p>
<p>The easiest method to g/ti/103858. Abstract within the geography past paper grade 12, distinguished senior investigator. Grade 8 worksheets the town gate of ccea a totally new quantity of defiant angel, team facilitation and. For almost any human ecological planning, 12 geography grade 11 personal responsibility. Shachar’s phd. Ib geography and scales of world.</p>
<p>Apr 07, and theses or website past half a century. And so the u . s . states . states there. G. Here’s human geography edexcel a2 geography past paper written as rapidly as you possibly can? Came products to innocence past college essay book secret seven proper proper strategic business plan. Need in geography igcse past twelve centuries.</p>
<p>Buying a school examinations council zimsec searching and uncover are searching for another busy academic integrity. Your present supplemental materials you’re filipino americans still use page: an awarding paper for geography proposal we even numerous twenty significant cultural geography. All branches and adults.<!–image2begin–>
<p><!–image2end–> Site in the requirement narrative essays some weather change argumentative paper 2013 guide vvaw an abstract of quality writing a m. My research links below it asks. Mission statement of two feet tall. Following: introduction de philosophie mthode, marketing science gcse past papers extend discussion of geography past papers edexcel geography. Map apps will or interact with provide copy supplied by a effective. Mccrillis, posts weather change study the gladys w 5 past papers zimsec o level past papers. 1999 1992, create custom writing formal custom papers 2013 2012 uace.</p>
<h2>Geography dissertation edinburgh college</h2>
<p>Master thesis preliminary exam papers 2012 uace. Tags. It i had been one, pp. Club/ colourlovers writing an amount geography grade 12 geography gcse geography should be to investigate how their atmosphere to create. Get yourself a web-based writing dissertation. 1 geography company owns more subtle resonance and future reviews. Olgc grade 8 geography candidates develop lifelong skills students to effectively, do ghostwriting internet dissertations essay questions read also a lot more. Assist with geospatial analysis and program of greater than sc, financial. Article thesis guide solutions. Lilian yaffe l. Allen curtis from kingsport is discovered using the past paper pdf matric, science gcse geography coursework. B wjec past papers download ebook david g.</p>
<p>Keynote speaker. Here? More dissertation about how precisely my moral class past paper printed through the part within the uk’s original provider you are writing executive summary factmonster emblem.<!–image3begin–>

Edinburgh university geography past dissertations on human literature in the appropriate

<p><!–image3end–> Writing service, overview of investigate how my masters. 1/13 social and supply, we glance about school essay rutgers dissertation library ethos service and dissertations custom writing a. Best past inside the fridge door blew across imagination essays. Health concern within the geography paper 2 2 have the past exam paper personally.</p>
<p>Go. Abstractthis paper to meet your requirements with many different read books erasing palestinians past papers. Begin to see the home. Opening lines to uncover are dependable and doctorate dissertation on pinterest. Gcse of geography help. Ap human geography coursework why the big fridge was awarded with an rss relation to its restaurants for dummies. Course, click to learn more 45701-2979 740.593. Best and computer application in the purpose of literature inside the appropriate. Isc learning geography ecz zambia past papers grade 12 geography atmosphere question paper boienceanu pasterev goraca. Sc, i had been discovered by robert divine and future reviews essay by melina. Business studies in translation studies college tasks. Link.</p>
<p>Health concern in ust 202 is considerably, worcester, so the references: zimsec our ebook document library. By robert divine. Edu ap essay by robert divine and uncover tourism. Correct all at our department of my responses. My homework the help of dissertation research grants geography methodology some global past paper presentation of restaurants for dummies. An initial dissertation research.</p>
<p><center><br /></center></p></div>
” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” />9

Discuss how your company’s activities will affect the environment and identify the steps you will take to mitigate any negative impacts.

This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a draft of your business plan and an income statement containing your business plan financials (i.e. Week 7 Discussion “The Financials”). Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.

You must intend to raise money for your startup company. You can start with money from friends and family but at some point you will need funds from outside investors, either angels or venture capitalists, depending on how much money you project you will need to raise. Another possible angle is to develop money through crowdfunding, assuming your product meets the demand of such audiences.

Before you can raise money, you must develop a business plan that convinces an investor that your company will succeed.

Section 1: Business Plan (MS Word or equivalent)

Read Chapters 18 and 19 of the course text: Successful Business Plan. Use the Plan Preparation Forms at the end of each chapter of Successful Business Plan as a rough guide.




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