1. It is commonly argued that in the Apology Socrates

1. It is commonly argued that in the Apology Socrates appears as an arrogant and self-destructive individual, facilitating his own demise. Nevertheless, he does put forward several interesting and strong arguments in his own defense. Choose three of these arguments and explain them fully in relation to the crimes he is charged with. Are they effective in furthering his defense? Do you believe Socrates should have been convicted? Why?2. In Platos Republic, Thrasymachus presents several arguments in favorof the position that Might makes right. Explain three of his arguments. Do they explain how things are in the real world, how they ought to be or both? Explain. Regardless of which option you choose, which of the three options would represent the strongest ethical position?3. In Book I of The Republic (p. 78), Socrates, discussing a possibledefinition of justice, says, It is just to give each what is appropriate to him. Using this definition, analyze its applicability to the structure of and functions in Platos ideal state. Does this state reflect this theory of justice? Give three examples from the text to support your position.4. In The Republic, Plato establishes strict guidelines for the education of the Guardians, which supports his states class system. Explain, in detail, Platos educational requirements for the Guardians, his rules of censorship and how they contribute to justice in the state. Explain, using a contemporary example why censorship and totalitarianism appear to go hand-in-hand. (This may require some research.)5. Aristotle is known as the founder of virtue ethics. This means that forhim, judging a persons moral worth is more about a persons characterrather than individual actions. At the same time, even for him, virtuedepends on action. Explain the relationship between virtue and actionfor Aristotle, explaining in detail what virtue is and how a person candevelop a particular virtue.


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