• Evaluate and optimise the application of MR technology in a clinical setting.


Analyse the technical image quality characteristics of the MR images presented on slides 1, 2 and 3 based on the MR appearances and the pulse sequence parameters selected.
In each case, describe the MR appearance(s) evident, discuss the associated physical basis for each of the appearances demonstrated, its practical significance from a clinical utility perspective and appropriate limitation and/or avoidance strategies.

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The aim of this critique of the factors influencing MR image quality is to enable the student to document a progressive record of their experience with and reflection on the technical and operational characteristics of an MRI scanner.

In successfully completing this assignment, you will address the following learning outcomes for this module:
• Appraise the components and operating principles of MR scanning equipment.
• Critically evaluate the pulse sequence characteristics and parameters that influence MR image quality.
• Evaluate and optimise the application of MR technology in a clinical setting.
• Present scientific information accurately and succinctly.

• Use the MR images provided as the basis for the discussion of the technical image quality characteristics. Where two MR images are presented in a given slide, the pulse sequence parameters specified are those common to both images.
• The material presented should demonstrate an appreciation of the:
• technical image quality characteristics of each MR image;
• physical basis of the MR appearances demonstrated;
• practical significance of the effect in terms of the clinical utility of the resultant MR images;
• appropriate avoidance and/or limitation strategies.
• The above information may be supported by diagrams and/or additional clinical MR images. The key feature(s) and appearance of any such diagrams and images must be described within an accompanying caption, which is excluded from the word count.


• Work to be word processed in 1.5 spacing and justified on single side of A4 paper.
• The total word limit for the assignment is 2000 words (excluding references and the caption, labels and/or description keys associated with the MR images presented). On this basis, you will have to be selective with the information presented to ensure the critical factors are addressed without exceeding the word limit.

• A maximum of 6 additional diagrams or MR images, appropriately labelled and referred to in the text, may be used in support of points raised within the assignment.

• The work must be supported by appropriate reference to published literature, which ideally, should not be exclusively textbook-based. References are excluded from the word count.

• The following grading criteria will apply:
 Introduction and overall content: relevance, depth and range;
 MR image appearances: accuracy of description with appropriate use of terminology and identification of artefact;
 Analysis and synthesis: critical consideration of the balance of evidence, identifying consensus & conflicts relating to MR image quality;
 Presentation style and format, citation, presentation of images, diagrams, tables etc




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